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Do what?    Over the year I get some really weird e-mails, some funny, some downright nasty. A lot of sites put up e-mails saying how the members just couldn't live if it wasn't for this site being so good and blab, blab, etc. ... and we all know it is a load off waffle. But I thought it might be fun to post some of the true stuff I do actually get. Because LadyboyGuide.com is one of the largest Asian shemale content providers on the net, we actually have a lot of members who stay joined up, expect updates and deserve good service. So they are very vocal, and write in to me a lot. Here is some of the stuff I get just for fun. ( Members, if you don't want your email posted just mail me and I'll take it down. )

Awesome site, amazing gals. Came so hard lookin at Zink that I nearly shot a hole in the wall.

You guys did it again, Damn that Marylin is fucking hot.

Wow, you guys are great. No, FUCKING great! Site is beautiful.

They get me so horny. My girlfriend is reaping the benefits, she can hardly walk straight some mornings.

I wish I was on the sight fuckin some of the ladyboys. You are some lucky guys.

Haha. You guys should 'fuck' with the other lady boy websites. Really, I mean u've done that oonce or twice, fuck their girls! Haha, they can show them all nice like, and u show em get down and dirty. Mmmm.

I've come back to your site (Previously joined in November last year) after about eight months of looking at all the other ladyboy sites I could find. You have just about the prettiest LB's I have seen. I have a request: I love the uncut LB's, the longer the foreskin the better! I love to see you sucking their cocks and tugging those long long 'skins; please let's see much more. (The guys on the other LB sites just don't seem to bother with such things). I also love to see the rear shots as your 'major league' members go right into the little cuties' bottoms; their uncut tackle dangling below. Excellent stuff, keep up the good work.

Man the site is really awesome now. Fuckin' Cowboy, ya oughtta label it, 'Ladyboy and the Wolfman,' fuckin' hairy bugger aint he? Hey, I wonder if you guys could find some big dickers now and then. I'm not being ungrateful, believe me, your site has improved 200%. I like those skinny ladyboys with big cocks, like the one you had a couple of months ago. Damn, I'm still cummin'. You're doing fine. I see where Nigel is jack hammering away, man! He has been keeping with the humour, he's beautiful! I heard they want to knight his prick! 'Sir Dick'
I was a member of your site for a long time and you guys put me in touch with some wonderful girls. I love the beauty in which you portray the LBs on your site but I have one question ... Who are you assholes? Some ugly hairy ape and his bald ass friend who have degraded and shit upon almost every TS. Sure they pay good but, when they scrawl 'fuck slut' and 'dirty whore' in lipstick accross an LBs stomach while they are shagging them ... it revolts me and has turned me off to a lot of the models I have seen. Some of the models that are on your web site. Are you guys are like Playboy of the TS world, pr more like some shit - fetish newspaper that you would pick up in a porn shop? I just got into a huge fight with a TS that I was in love with and met through your site ... when I saw her being degraded by these monkeys I got grossed out beyond words. Anyway ... I am just glad you guys are here.

Hey where do I find these hot chicks certainly not where I live.

I would like a picture of Tax and Barbie in a mini skirt and stiletto.

I am a member, please let me in.

Cowboy! get these girls with their legs up in the air or on your shoulders as you plow down on them!

You were more than gracious to add the Sky update this week after I voiced myself at the Pooty session. I am not normally one to criticize, I genuinely like and appreciate your work and efforts. Who would I like to see on the site? There are two that really turn my crank. Above all, Niraporn, brunette the last time I saw her, maybe a bit pudgy, but oh, what a girl, and very hard and very hung, and balls of cum. I had to reserve in advance when I was there last October. Secondly is Tiff, also a veteran, and seen on few of the other popular Ladyboy sites. Tiff's claim to fame is that she can cum while you fuck her without her even touching her cock. Amazing staying power, four times an hour. Again, thanks for the extra update this week, and happy poking.

More tiny sluts like Pim! I especially like when she begs him to stop cuz her little ass is sore and he doesn't. That's a whoremaster!