Tanya's First Cock
Well I really got lucky with just-18 pre-op virgin Tanya. She had only been working in the bar for two days when I spotted her, shy and not willing to talk to the customers. She had not had anal sex with any guy yet, she had only given blow jobs. Creamy white skin, stunning somber looks, natural tits and shape, she should really have been born a girl.
When I got her back to the hotel, it became obvious that she really had not had sex before. I got through three tubes of KY jelly before I finally forced it all the way up inside her tight anal hole. She screamed and gritted her teeth. When I came out she stayed wide open, I could see clearly inside her raw red anal cavity.
Like a good fuck toy, she performed admirably. Now there is plenty of room for the next guy up there. She didn't know that my cock is the largest thing she is ever going to get. Wow, what a way for a virgin to go. All caught on video.

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