FFFF" bordercolor="#BBBBBB">  776 photos  
Voted number two sexiest ladyboy on the internet, so I went out and got Kate, and fucked her squarely.
Her massive tits were well formed, pointed slightly upwards and outwards. Pink nipples on brown. Milky white skin, soft and undulating. Lush plump lips and a mouth full of saliva, Light silky hair. Delicate long fingers. And such an open and welcoming bottom.
Why do you want to just look at her? See me engrossed in overwhelming sex with Kate on video.

  42 minutes video  

  580 photos  

It is great to watch the expressions on guys' faces when you walk down the road with a creature made for lust, and dressed to please my every desire.
This is how I displayed Yves, in the sexiest way possible.
Some guys did not know where to look. I noticed others jealously followed at a distance, too scared to admit they wanted her too. Wow, I love ladyboys and cock.

  31 minutes video  

  1,005 photos  

Walking down the street late at night, a cute chick in a skin tight lycra dress, black stockings and high heels, gyrated boldly up to me, grabbed me dick in one hand, the other hand grabbed hold of me ass cheek, and she stuck her tongue down the back of me throat.
After I prized her face off mine, I asked what was a cute chick like her doing out so late. She answered in a deep voice that she was looking for a hard fuck. It was only then that I realized my luck, and this was a special ladyboy chick, one of the few that even I couldn't tell.
Small and petite, nice tight ass. Just right to keep fucking, even when the poor little thing's botty-pussy was red raw. See my cum a half-pint wad in her mouth, in pictures and on video.

  55 minutes video  

  511 photos  

Wearing a black g-string, big black leather belt, and a red fishnet catsuit, is how Elaine, the smoothest most gorgeous LB presents herself to a guy when she is in need of a little affection.
It is difficult for a girl, wanking her own cock does not compare to that sweet mix of feelings of power and submission she gets when receiving deep anal massage from an engrossed westerners cock, whose owner is intoxicated with Elaine's own sexuality.
Well, she can always pick the phone up and call on Cowboy, guaranteed to perform. And even to boost Elaine's esteem some more, he will make a video too.

  48 minutes video  

  1,534 photos  

Classic cabaret girl Tiffany studies daytime at night school. She wears unnecessarily short black lycra shorts to class, and sucks off the professors, to get higher grades.
Her hard stumpy dick poked out of her fishnet hose and sprang into action even before I got my mouth to it. Her small per tits were ripe for squeezing, and her back pussy intermittently gripped and yielded.
You can learn a lot from Tiffany, see her on video.

  43 minutes video  

  363 photos  

While watching one of my own videos, I started licking the screen, and trying to get my own head in it.
God, I thought, I need to find Zed, this wanton park bimbo to make her bend over and politely ask me to fuck her up her anal back pussy shitter hole, to make her feel like a woman again. I was so horny, I had to tape my cock down the side of my leg so I could get my jeans on. Only Zed would do.
I was so glad to find her in her usual spot in the park. What a shit load of cum I splattered over her face, as she told me what a slut she was, and could she please eat my cum. See Zed's new video and climb in yourself.

  45 minutes video  

  883 photos  

  Sopa and Lit  
So, you wanna know what's best, a pre-op or a post-op? Both together.
Sopa - post-op and Lit - pre-op, two classic examples of the best man-made beauties available. Lit cums and her cock explodes, Sopa cums inside her pussy. One front pussy, two back pussies, one cock, two mouths.
I don't want to be without a dick to suck on, but the two really go together. The LadyboyCock hardcore experience - like apple pie and ice cream. I fucked them, stretched them, and covered them both in copious amounts of cum. Now on video.

  62 minutes video  

  697 photos  

I don't know if Nicole really was a catwalk model. She said I am a 'modelle', and sucked on a lollypop. She got the sweet sticky pop covered in her saliva, the moved her arm down positioning the sweet behind her testicles and eased it into her bottom. She pulled out the slightly discolored lollypop and plopped it back in her sweet mouth again.
cock though, and I did stick my tongue up her ass, and I was drooling.
Now, I know you would suck her cock, but would you put that lollypop in your mouth. Watch the video and make a decision.

  45 minutes video  

  445 photos  

Blond Zeb in white stockings.
I buggered her, she smiled. I sucked her cock, she smiled, I came on her face she smiled.
She ground her small round bottom back onto my hips, drew her slender fingers across my skin, and cooed in rapture at each of my thrusts. I smiled. See the video.

  60 minutes video  

  712 photos  

You know, I said to Nongsao, I knew you at school when you were a boy, and always thought your bottom was rather desirable. I never actually thought that I would be having sex in your bottom. That's alright, she said, I always knew I was a woman, do you want to suck my cock.
It is difficult to believe that this shameless creature, dressed in just a knitted bra and jeans, used to wear a blazer and the school badge. Shaped thru sport and a couple of breast implants, Nongsao really knows how to please a guy. I wonder how she got such high grades at graduation.
See your best friend in fishnets and heels undulate her golden orbs and shapely limbs on video, with my cock in tow.

  59 minutes video  

  547 photos  

Here I am exploring the sensual world of stocking sex. After I took them off, myself that is, I put them on the awesomely sexy Torn, who just happens to have a thick throbbing cock that does not bow down to any man.
So with her cock tightly restrained behind the shear nylon pantyhose, I sucked and licked her through the material. I almost came in my trousers, again.
Does any girl look better than Torn in nylon, see the video.

  45 minutes video  

  690 photos  

Lauren does television commercials for soap and skin products. I suck her cock regularly once a month.
I have been on to Lauren for over a year to do a photoshoot for LadyboyCock, and she finally agreed.
See why half of Asia's society housewives strive to look like a ladyboy.

  26 minutes video  

  824 photos  

Ahe turned up in a short, black, formal dress. She whipped up the tail to show me her white bra and panties, with her cock hanging out. That is how she came, sitting side saddle on the back of a motor bike taxi, letting the whole world see.
She sucked my cock, but preferred me sucking hers. She rode my cock like I was the bitch. She swallowed half my cum, and laughed at me whilst dribbling the rest.
Ahe's story is, she works in a blowjob bar. Her customers do not know she is a ladyboy. She just does 'Head Sucky' all day. When she meats a guy she really likes, she want him to know what she really is, and want an even better head job in return.

  50 minutes video  

  1,120 photos  

I recently purchased Celest from a local Chinese fish and chip shop owner.
It took me two nights to get into her virgin bottom, but her folks let her go for the price of a new fryer.
They are pretty conservative the Chinese, and don't realize that a super fit, voluptuous ladyboy with tanned smooth skin is worth more than any girl any day.

  71 minutes video  

  906 photos  

Imagine my delight when walking gaily down the road my chest wig open to the breeze, when I happened upon a bondage device factory. Lots of small people were hammering chains and collars together.
I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Oh yes, I'll have one of these, two of those, oh and that looks painful. Yes I will have that one too.
I could not wait to try out my new toys on the heavenly twosome, Jupiter Carrot Head and her loving friend Saturn Five. See lots of black leather, shiny cocks and open fuck tunnels. Watch me defoliate these two on video. Someone told me that means taking the leaves off of trees, and I say exactly.

  88 minutes video  

  841 photos  

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy page 261/623 section 8, Planet Earth Rare Indigenous Species: Ladyboys
Ladyboys are beautiful women that readily get pleasured with both their cock and their back pussy. They give the best blowjobs because they know what it like having their own penis, and know what should be done with a penis. They also exude the most feminine pleasure when you suck on their delicious cock. I cannot recommend enough trying one of these exotic creatures, but you will have to go to Earth, an unfortunate backward planet, but the only place in the universe where they live. The spawning process is still not yet known.
You can see on this video, Jennifer, an excellent specimen of the ladyboy from the eastern hemisphere. I found this one deep in the jungle. She was impeccably dressed and with perfect makeup. With no expectation of a relationship, or any introduction, I was kissing up this perfect female form and sucking on her cock. I got her back to my stasis field motel room, download the video.

  58 minutes video  

  639 photos  

Never despair if your favorite ladyboy girlfriend gets herself a rich guy and buggers off into some expensive penthouse condo. There is always a new batch down from the deepest country.
The new models have arrived. Shiner, faster, sleeker, stiff bigger cocks, more powerful, and gagging for raw sex, Gee is one of the new breed.
Park Gee in your lowly hotel room, she will give you days of unbounded fun, availing you of her bottom when she is not cumming on your face. Love her as much as you want, you know it is not forever. When some other guy buys her a yacht, there will always be the next batch.

  34 minutes video  

  342 photos  

You know your average stuck up fat slapper girlfriend that won't let you fuck 'em, has got less than one percent of the feminine sex appeal of any great Asian ladyboy.
So I walked out on my fiancÚ back home, and got on a plane, and picked up Guan almost in the arrivals lounge. She was soft, warm, complicit, beautiful, loved sex and did it well. She sucked, swallowed, took it up her bottom, and asked for more. Her skin was tanned and smooth, her touch was soft, and she never spoke back to me.
You know when I look back at my former girlfriend, what was I thinking about, she did not even have a cock. See a real Asian brown skinned girl, cock in hand, love me forever, or at least as long as it takes to maker this video.

  54 minutes video  

  575 photos  

Have you ever wanted to fuck a glamorous fifties film star. No, because you thought none of them had cock.
Well Finger does. Classic film star looks and a sumptuous cock, well large enough for the big screen, you will be sure you have seen Finger in many movies.
I can't actually think of any fifties movies at all, but you can watch the video that Finger and I made together.

  40 minutes video  

  698 photos  

I can't mention which aid organization, but they were fed up with their representatives going out and spending good funds on prostitutes and ladyboys.
So they hired their own, to keep all their funds in house.
However, Dooang's loyalty goes no further than the first cock she comes across that is ready to plumb the depths of her round sumptuous bottom. And with good money in her pocket, she is just as ready to spread it around as any representative on an easy ride.

  57 minutes video  

  464 photos  

I just got back from seeing the latest James Bond movie, which gave me some great ideas of things I could do with duct tape. I had Coffee, tied up, gagged, smeared with Vaseline, covered in lipstick. I could do anything with her that I wanted, she just loved it all.
But guys, remember, leave this to the professionals, and her Majesty's secret service, to bugger things up around the world. And don't attempt this at home, or the neighbors might get jealous.
See the latest exploits of your intrepid spy Cowboy, as he prevents Coffee from blowing off the world, on video.

  43 minutes video  

  445 photos  

Ladyboys like Sharge are sex play toys designed to titillate and confuse us mere mortals.
I became engrossed in her long hard cock. I pushed hard up her anal hole, and her small cries of pain went unnoticed, as the feelings of power I had over her flooded my senses. For a moment, I was in another world where only sex and fucking were the important things.
Everything was back to basics, and then bang, as I flooded her bottom hole with my cum. This is real living, there is nothing else like it, but of course you know that already. See, feel and lick the video.

  52 minutes video  

  698 photos  

Aree has been promoted to chief public relations officer with the local office of the United Nations. She has all the right qualifications and knows how to put any foreign dignitary at ease.
Working for an equal opportunities employer, and having more than equal assets, she has rising quickly thru the ranks. She has been seen to be above corruption, and has never taken a backhander, though she has taken quite a lot of back passage.
Aree has just finished comprehensive participating research about the internet, as part of the UN's goal to take over ultimate control of the net. If you wonder why your government is paying its huge yearly expenditures to the UN, see here on video how wisely it is being spent. Save the world, with a compassionate face, throbbing phallus, and plenty of gold jewelry. (Hi all you guys that joined this website using your un.org e-mail address.)

  23 minutes video  

  840 photos  

So every three months, some highly conservative politician from Europe flies out to see Party. His whole life and politics is right wing, morality, and to stamp out deviation. The bane of his life's work is that ...
... he really like sucking and fucking ladyboys.
So he keeps Party on an allowance and expects her to be faithful to him when he is away. That would be fine, if it were not for the fact that Party really like sucking and getting fucked by an assortment of guys.

  34 minutes video  

  959 photos  

I had to rip the front of Moi's pantyhose open, so I could get her cock out and start sucking on it. Could anything make it taste better? Yes, I got her to shave her aromatic regions. See Moi shave, with my assistance, on video.
Now with her white skinned smooth as silk body, her hairless balls slapped around my cheeks, while I was giving her a good sucking.
Suck her, suck me, and up her back pussy, but never take those pantyhose off, smooth as silk Moi.

  59 minutes video  

  413 photos  

Have you ever see a bottom like Glitter's. Two pivoted orbs sticking out, firm but not hard.
I looked into Glitter's eyes, kissed her, hugged her, patted her bottom, stroked it, dug my finger in her cheeks. Her soft brown eyes glaring up at me, she stroked my chest with her finger tips as I grasped her cock. I dropped to my knees and gorged myself, still kneading her buttocks. Oh, what am I meant to do with a bottom like this when I get going.
See on video, me pounding away at Glitters back pussy, grinding away at her perfect bottom while her creamy cock points to heaven.

  57 minutes video  

  622 photos  

Dear Agony Aunt: I am back at home, and I cannot get excited about normal daily activities, like sitting back at the bar reminiscing about the good old days of steam railways, or discussing what type of lawnmower to buy. It seems I get an erection every tie I see a woman, or man for that matter. Is there something wrong with me and what should I do.
Dear Eric: I suggest getting a full time job with some charity and help the poor in foreign countries.
Dear Agony Aunt: Thank you. I took your advice and got a job with the peace corps. Now I am shagging everything that walks.

  26 minutes video  

  975 photos  

No one likes to go down on a gorgeous girl's cock more than me, but I have never met anyone more subservient than Wow.
I don't know what she had done, but there she was crying and whimpering in the lockup at the local police station. So what could I do, I paid her bail, and got her out of the cell in only the clothes she was wearing, black underwear and a pink top. The duty officer handed me a pair of handcuffs saying, you'll need these, mate, and gave me a big knowing smirk.
I don't think wide-eyed cute-as-buttons Wow had done anything wrong. She just enjoys giving everything for any guy in uniform or wearing a cowboy hat. Her lush lips and silky hole were always willing. I kneaded her natural hand-sized tits, her stumpy cock flipped over the top of her skimpy black briefs. Wow, now who has arrested my heart?

  48 minutes video  

  641 photos  

Big soft bottom and small rock like cock. I was rimming Tiger's opening and sucking her brown rod.
Previously I was sucking her toes and licking the backs of her smooth long hairless legs.
I played back in my mind the walk from the bus station where I met her. The only thing I can remember is feeling like a king and her soft breath as she kissed my neck. I fondled her cock, as we walked.

  65 minutes video  

  912 photos  

I am pleased to present for the first time on my site, one exceptional LB squarely impaled in her back pussy by another equally impressive and seriously endowed LB. Yes, please enjoy Jupiter Carrot Head, who you have seen before, pounding the lythe new Uranus.
And while Carrot is up Uranus, I am on Carrot's back deeply involved in her feminine muscular love hole. See on video three tier ladyboy throbbing love, viewed perfectly from beneath for full view of all members and all orifices.
I hope to bring you more, but if you already get regular sex better than this, don't join Ladyboy Cock.

  40 minutes video  

  320 photos  

This is the first time I have been worried that a cock was so big, pink, and engorged, that I thought it might explode in my mouth. But I was too fascinated by the pulsing veins as I slid my tongue up and down her shaft to stop.
Fly has just come back from Mongolia, from working in a cabaret show where she was the white skinned star. She has brought back some of the favorite sex techniques from the oriental outback.
Definitely a new and interesting experience that I would like to repeat.

  59 minutes video  

  509 photos  

I met sophisticated Marylin in the library. Do you come here for the books? No, I like intelligent men.
I didn't know that I was so intelligent, because soon she was in my room, and I was studying her pale skin, golden straw hair and pulsating cock.
You can't believe anything these days. That night I saw Marylin down on Beach Road, picking up guys for a good night session.

  38 minutes video  

  888 photos  

There I am in a pub and this gorgeous brown skin thing at the bar in this skin tight, off the shoulder, lycra micro-dress, with no underwear on, is letting any guy who pleases feel up her crotch, rub her dick and slide their digit up her bum.
I am just watching and enjoying the entertainment. I don't have to try hard to get her. I have just done her, cumming the biggest wad you have ever seen on her face. I have been guzzling her cock and slamming her soft smooth olive brown ass. See it all on video.

  60 minutes video  

  562 photos  

So this morning I look out of my window and there is an enormous semi inflated hot air balloon tagged to my balcony, with an olive skinned ladyboy in the basket.
My aspiration is to become the first ladyboy to fly around the world solo, non-stop in a balloon, shouted Gail, but I have lost pressure. Will you help to blow me up.
I certainly will. See the video.

  64 minutes video  

  583 photos  

One hour. Non stop. Continuous pounding. Unfailing erection. Chain ejaculation. Seething sucking. Globular breasts and buttocks. Pulsating with muscularity. Cocktail of cum and saliva. Aggressive sex. Love and Life. Femininity. Cock.
Find out why the Cowboy loves ladyboys. Why do I keep my boots on? Actually, I thought Cindi was a natural girl, and nearly passed off the chance.
Don't watch the video, you might regret the rest of your life.

  58 minutes video  

  628 photos  

Anjie was fingering her ass while I was sucking her off. She popped a second digit up her own hole as I sucked harder.
I could not get enough of her satin honey skin, so I shaved her balls and cock. Then I sucked her again. She bucked her hips and fondled her breasts as she slowly fucked my face. Glad I am in control.
Roll back Anjie's foreskin and grip her buttocks as you reach for the video.

  24 minutes video  

  811 photos  

Six foot three tall basket ball player Sky, plays for the womens team. Her team mates and their competitors don't realize she is not technically a girl. Her team is proud to have a player with such natural ability. "I'm sure she could play on the mens team, she's that good," said one of her friends.
Her elegance and height also means she is in great demand modelling clothes on the Asian catwalks. You might well have seen her on TV.
Her tanned skin is soft and warm, but I could feel her muscles rippling beneath as I guided my tongue across her long torso towards her uncut throbbing cock. We both came. She did not swallow, but rubbed it all into her skin, saying this is how I stay so fit.

  43 minutes video  

  362 photos  

BamBam, my favorite type of ladyboy, slightly boyish with soft feminine skin and girly nature.
After a good session up her back pussy, there is nothing sweeter than my cum dripping down a girl's bollocks.
Taste the fruits of life and suck on the video.

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